H&C Depla & Cie
Randweg 5
8760 Meulebeke


T 051 48 84 10


On saturday we are open from 8 till 11h30 for deliveries, we are not available by phone.

O.V.A.M. official overbrenger 1289/E/9915
O.V.A.M. official depollution center
Car-wracks EC/1289/1
val-i-pac 301508

VAT BE 0414 072 709


Le samedi nous sommes ouvert du 8h jusqu'à 11h30 pour livraisons, nous ne sommes pas accessible par téléphone.

O.V.A.M. reconnu overbrenger 1289/E/9915
O.V.A.M. centre de dépollution reconnue
épaves EC/1289/1
val-i-pac 301508

TVA BE 0414 072 709



About Depla

The company Depla nv is specialised in processing scrap.
Vast and up-to-date machinery guarantees an environmentally
friendly processing of all your scrap.
Smooth service, correct pricing and swift payment oil the wheels
of our company policy.

Depla nv

Randweg 5
8760 Meulebeke
TEL 051 48 84 10
FAX: 051 48 50 74