Car depollution

Depla nv recycles car wrecks according to environmentally friendly procedures.
(O.V.A.M.  EC/1289/1)
Environmentally hazardous products, such as oil and grease, are removed from the vehicles before these
are being dismantled entirely and before separating all different materials for recycling purposes.

Our address

Depla nv
Randweg 5
8760 Meulebeke
051 48 84 10

About Depla

The company Depla nv is specialised in processing scrap.
Vast and up-to-date machinery guarantees an environmentally
friendly processing of all your scrap.
Smooth service, correct pricing and swift payment oil the wheels
of our company policy.

Depla nv

Randweg 5
8760 Meulebeke
TEL 051 48 84 10
FAX: 051 48 50 74