Demolition shears


Srap shears with own weight of 58 tons, cutting force of 1100 tons and blade opening of 80 cm.
Ideal for demolishing fork-lift trucks, steam boilers, tanks cranes, trucks, turning lathes, 
milling machines and metal beams.

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Depla nv
Randweg 5
8760 Meulebeke
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About Depla

The company Depla nv is specialised in processing scrap.
Vast and up-to-date machinery guarantees an environmentally
friendly processing of all your scrap.
Smooth service, correct pricing and swift payment oil the wheels
of our company policy.

Depla nv

Randweg 5
8760 Meulebeke
TEL 051 48 84 10
FAX: 051 48 50 74